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Phone photography needs to be taken seriously, seriously.  These days, many phones sport quality lenses & various resolution options resulting in gorgeous images that can be not only used digitally but can br printed beautifully too.  Read on…

You may have noticed when you look at the details of a photo created on your phone, that it is tremendously BIG! (See exhibit A to the right).  This is because, digital files are normally at the resolution of our monitors, which is a mere 72 pixels per inch or ppi.

However, when you print a photo, you need to change the resolution to 300ppi to avoid being able to physically see the little dots, or pixels.  The best way to resize the image, is to increasing the concentration of the pixels, from 72ppi to 300ppi.  The image dimensions will shrink but thats ok, as its hard to print 50inch photos anyway 😉 See exhibit B on the right.

You can see the actual pixels of this image have not changed at all.  The only change is the concentration of pixels per inch, or resolution. Don’t let it bamboozle you. But its good to understan if you intend on printing your phone photos.

beautiful phone photo Huawei Mate 9.
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