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Hi, I’m Louise Gronold



…of flourish resources & co.

I’m a multi-micro-business wrangler and connector of ideas, businesses and people.

I’m a gap-filler, a problem-solver & a challenge taker. And I’m also a mum, a cake lover, a photography & camera nerd.

My other love is teaching photography at my ‘Outback Camera Dates’. There’s nothing better than sharing your passion. Unless maybe it’s helping others to flourish too.  That’s what I aim to do by helping people and businesses thrive through imagery, marketing and connection.  You can find out more about Outback Camera Dates HERE.

Having only recently discovered (May 2020) that I am a full blown multipotentialite (or scanner as Barbar Sher calls them…us?), I am embracing my intense curiosity and unignorable urge to help solve people’s problems with my verve for regional development.  More specifically, helping those who have a similar desire to have a positive impact on our regional communities with our ideas, passions, businesses & networks.

Until recently, I saw my multipotentiality as a curse.  Current society does not value someone whose resume appears fickle and uncommitted. Meanwhile, I have learnt, experienced, trained, met diverse people & solved problems in a variety of fields.  Now, I am fully embracing it in a way I can be of most help to other regional small businesses & communities.

I officially began my professional photography journey in 2010 when I joined the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography). However, I had been providing professional photography services since 2006.  Since then I’ve surpassed my own expectations of who and how I can help: couples, families, businesses, event organizers and our outback Queensland communities. I love being able to help them proudly stand out and tell their story.

My Resume

    1996-2000 Qld Department of Primary Industries – Experimentalist, Extension Officer, Drought Officer

    2000-2002 Flourish Resources – Consulting using project management, plant identification & DPI skills

    2002-2005 Desert Uplands NRM group, Barcaldine -Facilitator/Coordinator (yes that was my ACTUAL title, read: manager) 

    2006-2020 Louise Gronold Imagery – Professional Photographer

    July 2020 Flourish Resources & Co – Founder & Regional Small Business Builder

”Multipotentialites don’t quit when things get hard. They quit when things become too easy.”

—Emilie Wapnick

Jack of all trades, Master of adaptability

Want to know more about multipotentialites or scanners? See the blog HERE or the TED Talk by Emilie Wapnick HERE.

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Do share or get in touch if you also feel the same way. I want to make sure my kids and others don’t (unintentionally) suffer the same lack of self-appreciation I did. xx

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“And be grateful that you’re a Scanner. Not everyone can have this much fun with nothing but what’s between her ears.”

― Barbara Sher