How can I help you grow your outback business?

How can I help you grow your outback business?

This survey is to understand what issues and obstacles I can help solve for you to help your business grow and flourish! I have some ideas but want to know what YOU want/need and exactly how is the best way to help you? Thanks so much for your precious time. I'd love to repay the favour, so am raffling a $100 voucher at your favourite outback shop. I have set up a way that you can complete the form anonymously then submit your name, email address to enter the competition. Thanks again!! I really appreaciate your time.

1: Have we worked together before? ie Louise Gronold
2: If we have worked together previously, how likely are you to recommend me to a friend or colleague?
0 - Not at all
10 - Extremely likely
3: What is the primary reason that you started your business?
5: Do you have a website you are proud of for your business?
6: What are your 3 biggest concerns or areas you'd like to improve with respect to marketing your business over the next 12 months?
9: Which social media channels are you currently active on personally (ie not to advertise your business)?
11: Do you currently pay for marketing or advertising?
12: Where do you currently obtain support for your business?
13: Who do you look to for inspiration and information that will help you to develop your technical and business skills?
14: What (if any) services are of interest to you to grow your business?
15: When it comes to building authentic connections and relationships in business, would you rather:
16: In your opinion, what value does being part of a business network bring to your business?
17: What other services or assistance would grow your business, or make business life easier and more fun?
18: How likely are you to purchase any of the following packages?
No way
No thanks
Sounds interesting, tell me more
Where do I sign up?
1 "Found" PACKAGE = Take off your SEO hat and hand it to me to help you find new customers and be more profitable. Be Found easily with listing in Eureka Outback business showcase with links to your website and social media pages ensuring your business is found easily, priority access to events, $99/yr
2 "Flaunted" PACKAGE includes PACKAGE 1 PLUS 2/week social media shares by Eureka Outback to a larger target audience. Let me do your marketing and advertising for you. (Sigh of relief) total $997/yr
3 "Flourish" PACKAGE includes PACKAGE 1 + PACKAGE 2 PLUS imagery support with photography &/or videography tuition and guidance, access to business tips and resources, online business community, support and guidance from Louise & guest Experts. Get skilled up, networked, confident & cashed up! Total $1497/yr
How AWESOME are you? Please enter your contact details to go in the draw for the $100 voucher on the page after you press submit. THANK YOU!!
Feelin pretty awesome today
My awesomeness is increasing
I'm always awesome
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